We provide end-to-end survey, market research services from project inception to delivery and implementation of the final results. We partner with quality providers to obtain sample frames, host the survey or collect and process the data.These capabilities give the ability to select the best supplier and state-of-the-art platform for the research program.

Our Services are flexible and customized to meet our client’s needs – we can lead the entire lifecycle of a project or execute parts of a project.


Our research services include:

  • Quantitative Research: Online and computer assisted telephone interviews (CATI)
  • Qualitative Research: Online and traditional focus groups, in-depth telephone or face-to-face interviews, computer assisted personal interviews (CAPI)
  • Performance Measurement and Evaluation Research: Design, implementation, data collection, analysis and reporting of quasi-experimental evaluation research
  • Cognitive Interviewing and Testing: English and Spanish cognitive protocol development, interviews, analysis and adaptation of final survey instrument
  • Social Media Research: We adapt new advances in research and advise our clients when social media research would be to their benefit. We partner with suppliers of social media data mining to execute social media research
  • Social, Political and Economic Secondary Research: We conduct social, political and economic secondary research as stand-alone products or as part of a social and market research survey.
  • Publications and Literature Research and Analysis: We conduct environmental scans and secondary publication and literature reviews and analysis as stand-alone services or as part of a primary research project

Call us to assist you with the following.

  • Design, execution and management of the entire lifecycle of a project. We design, execute and manage the full lifecycle of a research project, from inception to delivery of results. Alternatively, we can execute and manage parts of the project’s lifecycle as needed by our clients.
  • Act as internal researchers: We can act as one of your internal employees or as consultants leading your research projects, from gathering stakeholders’ needs; writing statements of work (SOWs) or requests for proposals (RFPs); requesting bids, selecting data collection and data processing suppliers when needed; analyzing, reporting and presenting research results.
  • Consulting Services. We provide research consulting services on a fixed fee basis for specific or long-term tasks.

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